Consulting Services

Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing / Management Reporting

Challenged with:

  1. Unavailability of crucial data for your information needs?
  2. Multiple sources/reports of the same information that is sometimes inconsistent and untrustworthy?
  3. Information arriving too late for your analysis and decision-making requirements?
Onward's solution: To create reliable data repositories containing comprehensive and timely information solutions available right at user desktops, enterprise-wide.

Project Management

Always firefighting with:

  1. Issues and Changes overwhelmingly running the project?
  2. Deliverable deadlines drifting without adequate controls?
  3. Tactical focus constantly overriding the Strategic necessities?
Onward’s solution: Structured project management methodology using world-class Project Planning, Project Execution/Control, Issue Management, Change Management and Communications processes.

Business Analysis

Are systems focused on:

  1. Delivering what the business needs?
  2. A clear understanding of the business requirements/drivers?
  3. Capturing and reporting on metrics that really matter?
Onward’s solution: Systems developed with clear business alignment.

Enterprise Architecture

Has organic growth created:

  1. Similar applications scattered all across the enterprise without a clear system of record?
  2. Loose strategies to manage Master data (Customer, Product etc.)?
Onward’s solution: Architecture developed to organize systems, applications and data in a structured manner with clear ownership and data governance processes in place.

Data Management

Interested in:

  1. Scalable database designs that account for future growth?
  2. Consistent, high data quality?
  3. Reliable data backup and disaster recovery strategies?
Onward’s solution: Seasoned database administration and data modeling resources employ state-of-the-art data organization, integrity and management processes.

Staff Augmentation

Does existing team needs assistance:

  1. Of specific experts to fill certain roles on a project?
  2. Short-term help without the overhead of a new full-time employee?
Onward’s solution: Experts available in a variety of management, business and technical roles to augment existing teams.


Limited budget,short time deadlines,global operations requiring:

  1. Low cost development options?
  2. Longer business/technology support windows?
Onward’s solution: Offshore development center provides low cost development and support solutions. Round the clock resource availability accelerates application development times, and allows for continuous 24hr support options.


Limited Internal IT staff and Infrastructure for BI ?

Onward’s solution: Using Microsoft's SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Analysis Services and Microsoft Reporting Services we provide a hosted Business Intelligence environment.